For the busy fitness studio owner

Are you struggling to keep up running your fitness studio or gym? Our virtual assistants are ready and waiting to take the repetitive day to day tasks off your plate. Find out how below.

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Your fitness studio needs dedicated doers

With a virtual assistant that’s trained and ready to go in your studio from day one, you’ll be concentrating on productive tasks immediately. Forget admin tasks once and for all.

Trained in the software you use

We know the importance that software plays in the running of your studio. That’s why we train our VA’s to use the exact software you use so that you can hit the ground running.

We Work In Your Time Zone

Our global team is ready to work in your time zone so that you can get the support that you need. Our VA’s work when you work and can even work when you don’t, the choice is yours.

We Love Admin Like You Love Training

You’ve got a passion for training like we’ve got a passion for tackling your admin work. No task is too big for our expert VA’s.

Your Own Assistant & Team Leader

Taking on staff is a massive thing and we totally understand that. That’s why you not only get a VA but also an experienced team leader to help guide you through the whole process.

We Support Over 300 Fitness Studios Globally

We’re trusted in over 300 fitness studios worldwide. We know the industry inside and out with tested strategies in numerous countries.

Trained, Tested and Screened

Hiring the right virtual assistant for your studio can be difficult, training them is even harder. We’ve got the playbook for your studio with VA’s ready to take charge of your admin.


Studio Owner - F45 Training Streetsville


“Virtual Spotter... should change their name to Game Changers.”

I was drowning in admin and customer service as we started to grow the business. Getting a VA through Zac and his team was a blessing. It took some time to get it up and running but our VA is a super human. I got back about 20 hours a week and never looked back. On top of that, Zac and his team are super helpful and awesome to work with. 12/10 would recommend!

Ready to offload your admin work to a team of organised doers?

Getting started is easy! Book in for a free call with our team of knowledgeable experts that can show you exactly what a virtual assistant could do for your business. Say goodbye to admin work and say hello to Virtual Spotter.

Let us be your new attentive assistants

We know the ins and outs of the fitness industry, in fact our co-owner has owned multiple fitness studios himself. Capitilise on the experience Virtual Spotter can bring to your studio.

Save Your Time

Running a fitness studio can be a time consuming exercise, add in all the admin work and it can be almost impossible. With our expert virtual assistants, you’ll be getting more done while saving more of your time.

Reduce Admin Costs

Our virtual assistants are not only detail advocates and friendly collaborators they’re also extremely cost effective for your business. You’ll start saving on admin costs from the day you start with us.

Discover the benefits of a virtual assistant

Book in for a free no-obligation discovery call to see how a virtual assistant can help your to-do list.

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