Join our friendly and growing team

Embrace remote work! This is a fully remote position allowing you to operate from any location worldwide.

Gain entry to exceptional training in appointment setting, advertising, marketing, operational procedures, administrative software, and more.

Enjoy substantial prospects for internal advancement, given our status as a swiftly expanding company with ample space for development.

(Upload a 60sec loom video here and share any pertinent experiences that you believe align with the requirements of the role)

Cessnock, Australia

Creating meaningful opportunities

We offer meaningful pathways for communities around the globe by supporting lives through business opportunities.

We’re strong believers in the idea that if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life and our virtual family can affirm this.

The leadership behind our global team

With a strong passion for business, automation and optimisation, our founders went on an adventure to try and solve problems in their own businesses, that’s when they found virtual assistants.

Courtney Joyce

Co Founder

Thinker, Reader, Learner, Husband, and Father

Driven by a profound passion for providing substantial employment opportunities to 5,000 Filipino Virtual Assistants and extending support to 10,000 small businesses across the globe.

Consistently pursuing opportunities for personal improvement and growth and actively embracing discomfort, recognizing that placing himself in challenging environments fosters exceptional personal development and enhances their leadership abilities.

His genuine passion lies in fostering connections with the team, consistently extending support and adding value wherever necessary. His overarching goals centre around the establishment of a platform designed to serve and create substantial, purposeful employment opportunities.

Zac Joyce

Co Founder

Zac is recognized for his sharp intellect and a keen eye for precision, both of which play a crucial role in managing Virtual Spotter’s intricate business operations. His strength lies in his ability to assemble and lead teams, effectively translating the company’s visionary goals into action.

His journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, making him an essential contributor to Virtual Spotter’s success.